Amblerian Rehearsal 2013

by Dumal

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Limited edition of 10 hand-numbered cassettes (sold out).


released December 28, 2013

Recorded live at Wartorn Studios


all rights reserved


Track Name: Twilight's Hammer
The winds below me
sing their songs of regret
their seize their chance
and they know me well
sunlight still will fall
waning against the trees
bringing back autumn
but soon all will fade

though in my bones
the sighs of regret
beat against the shore
and the tides of mine
with false purity
against the strong seas
it will not find
what we have lost

when the end of time
seeps into reality
daylight will know
when to fade into night
and take away their warmth
letting twilight's hammer fall

their christian hearts will bleed
when the light is taken away
and i will watch
from atop my throne
and i will never
walk in the light of christ
and he will never
take my hate away from me

soon their light will fade
and all pride stripped away
when our hammers fall
free minds will prevail
and i will never
call these prophets wise
and they can never
ride these winds again

yes, i hold all regrets
no glory will dull my mind
i will see the end
from my tombs eternal rest
Track Name: To Return to the Earth
forsake these mortals
the earth will have its revenge
for what they have done
to the seeds of eternity

the graveland frozen beneath
gives way to my will
a passage opens before me
the air was black and coldly sweet

the brambles lined my way
the moon hailed my sight
the soil was cold
when we became one

it was there on the ground
when i felt its pulse flowing
my eyes opened to the cold
and i was frozen as well

three ravens approached me
by night they implored me
to return to whence it all came
they implored me to
forsake all modernity
and to return to the earth

i would heed their command
and i will return
from their piercing gaze
into the end

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